How amazing this team is! It’s hard to believe I can access 5 smart and talented professionals in one easy to use location. I’m thrilled! ~ Deborah M.

My biggest "ah-ha moment" was that there is way more to golf than a good golf swing! I spend time trying to master the swing and have neglected these other areas that are just as important if not more important than the actual swing. ~Troy W

What a brilliant idea to provide this remarkable program during this time when so many of the golf courses are closed.  I look forward to seeing what is in store for us in the following weeks. ~ Karen S.

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At-Home Online Training to Help You

Improve Your Entire Game

The Great Golf Challenge is a 6-week at-home online training program to help you make significant strides in your game so you can have your best golf year yet!

Learn at Home

The action steps in each of the 30 lessons are things you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home. When you are able to get back to the range and the course, as usual, your game will be that much further along and you can keep using what you learned into the future.

Daily Targeted Mini-Challenges

Our goal is to provide you with simple, but targeted action steps each day to keep you positively and productively engaged in improving your game. Our lessons focus on the 5 main areas of your golf performance ~ your mindset, your body, your self-care both on and off the course, your swing, and your strategy.

24/7 Access to the Private Facebook Group

A new video will be released Monday through Friday inside the private group on Facebook. You can watch them on your own schedule. View the new video for the day, or binge-watch them (instead of Netflix) on the weekend. The choice is yours.

Live and Virtual Support

Your Dream Team of experts will be showing up daily (Monday through Friday) within the group for the duration of the 6 weeks to provide you with scheduled LIVE Q&A support. We are committed to your success and will be available to help you every step of the way. It's like having your own coaching team right at your fingertips just like a Tour player!

Can't make a live Q&A session? Not to worry! The replay will be posted in the group and you can post questions at any time to be addressed by any of your expert coaches and we will get you an answer quickly so you can keep making progress.

Daily Downloadable Lesson Cheatsheets

In order to help you apply the daily lesson, you'll have access to a downloadable pdf of the lesson that you can save, print, and keep in a challenge folder to reference whenever you like. Each lesson pdf will equip you with all the high points from the lesson to help your implementation of it go smoothly and successfully.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside the Challenge


There's not a single thing you can do without your mind leading the charge. Sports psychologist, Dr. Shannon Reece will provide you with step-by-step strategies to help you develop the thought habits you need to play great. Your mindset challenges include ~

  • Healthy Expectations - How to play for all the right reasons
  • A Positive Inner Caddy - How to produce good thoughts that contribute to good shots
  • A Focus on the Controllables - How to clear the mental clutter before you play
  • Unshakeable Confidence - How to build confidence the right way in just 5 minutes a day
  • A Love Affair for Learning - How to train yourself to rebound like a “Tiger” from a disappointing shot
  • A “Play to Win” Game Plan - How to leverage your “A” game every day


Strong golf performance begins with a strong body. Your body ultimately determines distance, accuracy, and consistency in the golf game. Anthony Vessecchia, owner of Body Crafters Inc, will help you develop a heightened body awareness that will result in an increased range of motion, improved posture, enhanced coordination, better balance, increased flexibility, added endurance, superior strength, and more power.

  • What does it take to have the perfect golf body? Self-tests to find out where your body needs improvement
  • How to mobilize the hips: The Key to generating power
  • How to mobilize the thoracic spine: The key to a big turn
  • Segmental Stability: The key to staying in Posture
  • Understanding postural positions: Why the pros are so consistent
  • Rotational power and Clubhead speed: Let's hit bombs!!


Eat Green, Be Clean, & Get Lean with registered dietitian and owner of Healthy Concepts Consulting, Betsy Opyt. Discover the secrets to cleaning up your health routine, preparing plant-based meals, reducing stress through meditation and movement, following mindful eating practices, and consuming power fuel. Your self-care challenges include ~

  • Golfing for Groceries
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Birdie Your Breakfast
  • Hydration Hacks
  • Sunrise / Sunset Salutation
  • Back 9 Snacks


The very best practices for improving your swing technique on the range, the course, and from home with Adam Bazalgette, Founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Your swing challenges include ~

  • Dynamic Address Made Automatic
  • A Simple Start to the Swing
  • Less Thinking in the Back Swing
  • A "Common Sense" Impact
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Putting Foundation


Learning the rules of golf is a key element to playing great and enjoying your round. You’ll watch easy-to-follow videos on the most important rules, as well as learn about formats, handicapping and protocols you need to participate in events and competition with Marcela Smith, Founder of Girlfriends Guide to Golf.

  • Penalty Areas & Putting Greens: What You Need To Know
  • How To Play The Most Common Golf Competition Formats
  • How To Handle Disagreements And Misunderstandings About The Rules
  • Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Golf Rules Questions
  • Everything You Need To Know About Bunkers
  • How To Get Invited To Great Courses

Your Dream Team of Experts

Dr. Shannon Reece

Sports psychologist & founder of Training for Optimal Performance - Masters & PhD from the Univ. of Virginia
Private and group coaching, golf schools, online training programs - Proven step-by-step system teaching golfers of all levels how to improve their consistency from tee to green

Anthony Vessecchia

Founder of Body Crafters Inc. established in 2005 
TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructor for 8 years 
Master Trainer with the National Personal Training Institute for 24 years 

Betsy Opyt

Betsy Opyt RD, LD/N, CDE - Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator for 20 yrs - Owner of Healthy Concepts Consulting - Founder of Betsy's Best Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters - Yogi & Mindfulness Instructor - 2015 FL Young Mother of the Year

Adam Bazalgette

Former director David Leadbetter Academy 13 years - Founder Scratch Golf Academy, 34 million views on YouTube - Class A PGA member 31 years - 3 time SWFL PGA teacher of the year winner - Director of Instruction The Club at Mediterra

Marcela Smith

Marcela launched Girlfriends Guide To Golf to help grow the game and provide a relaxed and fun environment to learn the rules. She teaches golf rules and etiquette in her unique On-Course Rules Experience at courses all over the world and clearly proves you don’t need to be a golf pro to understand the rules of golf.

Here's what our Challenge members are saying about their experience...

You have put together an outstanding program, I feel. I am so pleased with each of the coaches, the content, and the construct of this program. Well done! ~ Ellen G.

You have really done a great job pulling this all together. It’s brilliant really! ~ Terri F.

The Great Golf Challenge is so well-conceived and put together with great experts. I'm already discovering practical and fast ways to improve my game in just the first week! ~ Charles D.

It's lots of fun and you'll get great tips to take your game to the next level! ~ Carol H.

I am really impressed with all the experts, their passion for what they each do, and their willingness to be open with the group and answer all our questions on the live coaching calls. ~ Troy W.

You have put together a wonderful group of experts. We really need to be positive during this difficult time and the lessons I've learned are helping me to stay engaged and positive.  ~ Frank D.

Your 6-Week Challenge Package Includes

  • 30 Targeted Video Lessons with downloadable PDF Guides  (Value $597)
  • 30 Live Q&A Sessions with your Dream Team of golf experts (Value $297)
  • A Way to Stay Positive, Productive, and Connected with Passionate Golfers (Priceless!)

You’ll receive one new lesson each day, Monday through Friday, for 6-weeks starting on April 13, 2020.

While we could have easily charged a fair amount for this 6-week challenge, our mission was not to make a bunch of money. 

We understand that times are tough and money might be tight. It is important for us to make this challenge accessible to everyone who is looking for ways to advance their game right now while it might be hard to get to the range or the course.

Therefore, we decided to price this challenge to just cover our operating costs because we want to give our time and best tips to you as a gift.

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We're looking forward to spending time with you inside our private Facebook group over the next six weeks to educate, inspire, and entertain you so you can accelerate your success!

Let's make the upcoming golf season your best ever!

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