Would you like to get off the score and confidence roller coaster in your game?

Join the Confident Golf Club where amateur golfers exchange their frustration for consistent confidence that produces better shots from tee to green.

A consistent technical game requires a consistent mental game that is anchored by 100% confidence.

You can learn to play with unshakeable confidence when you have a step-by-step process to build it into your game.

The Confident Golf Club membership program is built around a systematic 4-stage Success Path. At any point along your confidence journey, you'll know exactly where you are and what you need to do next in order to keep making progress.


Discover how your mind impacts your confidence

If you believe that your faulty mechanics are to blame for your inconsistency, you probably spend lots of time working on your swing. But your hard work isn't going to show up on the course if you neglect the force behind your mechanics. In this state, you will begin to clearly understand how much your mind is playing a role in your game and establish some mental game baseline measures.


Increase your self-awareness skills

Once you understand how thoughts can contribute to low confidence, high scores, and erratic swings, you’re ready to start developing your self-awareness skills. This will enable you to actively track how you think about yourself, your game, and your shot by shot play. By closely monitoring the quality and direction of your thoughts on and off the course you will know which ones enhance your game and which ones undermine it. In this stage, you will begin to stabilize your confidence in yourself and your trust in your swing.


Become an active director of your thoughts

When you’re in the habit of paying closer attention to your thoughts on and off the course, you're in a position to adjust them when challenging situations pull your mind in an unproductive direction. Though you can’t control every thought or feeling, you can train yourself to respond better to all types of situations. In this stage, you will learn how to adjust your perspective and redirect your thoughts in a positive direction when needed to be an active director, rather than a passive bystander, to your thought habits.


Maintain a confident mind under pressure

When you reach this stage, your mind will be quieter, you will be playing with more focus, and your overall approach to the game will be more confident. By thinking confidently you will be swinging more freely, and minimizing the big misses and blow-up holes of the past. In this stage, you will develop the discipline to consistently catch and reset your thoughts at the first sign of negativity to step into every shot with 100% confidence. Your improved mindset will lead to better results, especially under pressure, so you can experience what it means to play with a belief that allows you to never reach for less than your best on every shot.

My #1 Goal is to Help You Make Progress

As a member of the Confident Golf Club, you will have access to everything you need to build a solid confidence foundation that allows you to play with your "A" game every round.

This online program is designed for you to learn at your own pace, anytime, from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Your Membership includes...


Access everything you need to make great progress using your phone, tablet, or computer 24/7/365


Save time finding an answer to a pressing question by easily searching our extensive Q&A and lesson vaults.


Get the support you need during our three Zoom Q&A calls where we dive deep so you can make progress faster & easier.


Share your comments, aha's, recent wins, or questions, & connect with your fellow members in our online community.

Your Membership includes...

Private Members' Area

You will find all the available lessons, pdf training guides, replays of Q&A video coaching calls, and your community access all in one place, with just a single log in. Plus, you can download the app and access 24/7/365 from your phone or tablet.

Live Q&A Coaching Calls

Join one of the THREE group coaching calls each month using Zoom video chat to connect with me and your fellow members. This is your time to quickly and easily get answers to any questions you have so you can keep making progress.

An Online Community

You may access our amazing community page inside your member's area. Share your comments, recent wins, ask questions, and connect with your fellow members all in one easy to use area.

Searchable Q&A Vault

One of the coolest and most valuable features of this membership is the searchable Q&A vault. Using new technology you'll be able to type a simple keyword into the search bar and get immediate access to every video where I've talked about that keyword, as well as have the videos cued up to that exact moment when I talked about the keyword. You won't waste any time trying to find an answer to a pressing question. You will be able to find exactly what you need at the moment you need it. And the vault of information will continue to grow with every Q&A call I conduct.

Imagine what your game could look like by the end of 2024

There are no overnight success stories in golf or life. But those who commit to putting the right amount of work into the right places in their game reap the biggest rewards. And you can, too!

Don't waste the next year hoping to improve. Let's work together to invite the better golfer in you to come out and play every day.

Meet Some of Our Members

Terri Fisher - Amateur Golfer

"Now when I'm playing, my scores are better, my drives are longer, I have fewer putts, I have less stress, I actually have more friends, and I have a lot more fun."

Troy Westendorf - Amateur Golfer

"I think it's really important to have that mental side of the game. If you want to consistently get better, I think it's a must."

Dan Wise - Father of a Competitive 13 yr. old Junior Golfer

"The biggest thing is just seeing him enjoy himself on the course. It's really exciting for me to see him grow in the game."

Linda Hibben - Amateur Golfer

"Trust is my biggest takeaway from this and the confidence you get from the trust."

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